Hyperconverge Your Business Back Into The Driver's Seat

By Kevin Meany on Jan 15, 2019 3:33:00 PM

Infrastructure management, especially for businesses with limited IT staff, can often seem overwhelming. As technology solutions that make management easier have evolved, a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has allowed businesses of all sizes to reduce costs and simplify maintenance of their infrastructure and allow resources to focus on more productive activities.  

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IoT: Living on the Edge

By Kevin Meany on Jan 8, 2019 10:57:00 AM

Where is your data when you need it? Edge computing offers an alternative to processing all data in the cloud or the data center.

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Six Recommendations For Securing Data Center Networks

By Kevin Meany on Dec 18, 2018 10:23:00 AM

A wireless network can pose a threat to any company. WiFi signals extend way farther than the walls of our offices, and thus a hacker with simply a strong antenna can easily connect to a company’s WiFi from the outside. Once a hacker finds a way into the company’s network, file shares without protection or computer accounts that have easy to figure out passwords become an easy pathway for access to other sensitive information.

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Hyperconverged Solutions and Your Disaster Recovery Plan

By Diane Trovato on Oct 29, 2018 10:44:43 AM

The term “disaster recovery” or “DR” has been kicking around the world of IT for decades and yet, it still has many different meanings. Some people think it means getting your data center up and running quickly after something bad happens. Others look at it as figuring out a way to keep things running until you can get back to your data center after something bad happens. Disaster Recovery can also mean getting your organization ready so that when something bad happens, your IT team is prepared.

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How Print Security Emerged at the Forefront of Data Protection

By The Versatile Team on Oct 25, 2018 11:42:35 AM

In recent years, data breaches have run rampant across compute environments and printing devices alike. From government agencies to healthcare facilities, professional hackers are eyeing your infrastructure as a potential striking point.

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Unveiling the Secrets to Sound Data Protection

By The Versatile Team on Oct 23, 2018 11:53:50 AM

Without quality data security, the integrity of any organization becomes woefully at risk. Danger may be lurking in devices that many organizations overlook: printing and imaging devices.

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Five Reasons All-Flash Storage Is Ideal for Data-Driven Organizations

By Kevin Meany on Sep 12, 2018 2:16:57 PM

Today’s healthcare IT landscape is shifting from an environment where data needs to not just be stored and shared, but fully utilized to make informed business and patient-care decisions. To compete in the digital economy, healthcare organizations must evolve data centers to become more data-centric and data-driven.

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Edge Computing Solutions -- The Future of Healthcare

By Diane Trovato on Jul 27, 2018 12:29:38 PM

There’s a lot of talk lately about ‘The Edge’ - and not the famed U2 guitarist, but edge computing and how it is changing network design.  

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HPE and Big Switch - Transforming Open Networking Solutions

By Diane Trovato on Apr 26, 2018 5:35:48 PM

Today’s modern data centers are nimble, combining the agility of cloud and virtualization software along with Software-defined Networking (SDN). Moving beyond the standard deployment of hardware based compute, storage and network solution, the new hybrid infrastructure includes software virtualization solutions for compute to fully automated cloud software platforms.

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Team Versatile Rallies for The Jimmy Fund on Opening Day

By Diane Trovato on Apr 11, 2018 6:01:00 PM


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Is Your Organization Affected by Spectre or Meltdown?

By Jennifer Hooper on Jan 17, 2018 4:50:18 PM

This past week’s news regarding security vulnerabilities in modern processors, known as Spectre and Meltdown, has made many technologist and business owners feel on edge and wondering, “How do I tackle this issue?”

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Wireless Issues are Predicted to get Worse Before They Get better

By Jennifer Hooper on Jan 15, 2018 8:29:01 AM

Every Friday, one of our employees accompanies a family member to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. Every Friday, this employee brings his laptop to the hospital in hopes that he can connect to the the WiFi and work while he waits. Every Friday, he is disappointed.

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Top 4 Questions We Hear About the Cloud

By Jennifer Hooper on Dec 13, 2017 2:00:43 PM

We spend a lot of time talking to clients about the cloud. We love watching them relax into their chairs and unhunch their shoulders, when they finally get solid answers to the questions they’ve had for so long. We’ve been designing cloud strategies for years, so the answers feel as natural to us as breathing, but for many clients, moving to the cloud feels like walking into the wilderness without cellular signal.

We find that most clients’ questions fall into these general buckets:

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Tampa's Small Business Expo Builds Connections

By Jennifer Hooper on Oct 30, 2017 11:14:43 AM

The Versatile team enjoyed Tampa's Small Business Expo last week, where we formed great new relationships with clients and partners alike. The Small Business Expo helps small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. We enjoyed the opportunity to share our love of technology and help clients solve their technical challenges!

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The Boston VMUG UserCon Was a Hit!

By Jennifer Hooper on Oct 26, 2017 10:01:00 AM

Last week's Boston VMUG UserCon was a great experience for both Versatile and attendees, who came from organizations ranging from small to high-end enterprise environments. Espresso Dave was a great addition to the Versatile booth, keeping attendees well-caffeinated and happy throughout the day!

Topics: VMUG
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Connect with us at Tampa's Small Business Expo!

By Jennifer Hooper on Oct 25, 2017 9:54:03 AM

Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit at America’s BIGGEST business-to-business trade show, conference and networking event of the year! Small Business Expo helps small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs like you take their business to the next level. 

Topics: tampa
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We'll be at Angelbeat. Will You?

By Jennifer Hooper on Sep 13, 2017 10:04:00 AM

Jeff Forsyth, VP Application Services at Versatile, will be speaking at Angelbeat in Boston, MA and Portland, ME this month. Versatile is one of Microsoft's most highly regarded partners in New England. Jeff will present "Secure Migration & Deployment of Office 365 / Public Cloud Applications," as well as provide answers and practical recommendations on this critically important topic.

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Join us at BASPUG to Learn About Next Generation Collaboration

By Jennifer Hooper on Sep 12, 2017 1:37:31 PM

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It Was a Fin-Tastic Time!

By Jennifer Hooper on Aug 22, 2017 1:55:06 PM

Last week, we hosted our third annual Gone Fishin' event, and once again our trip out on the ocean went quite swimmingly!

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Versatile Advances Managed Services Offerings With Hire of IT Veteran Mike Cestroni

By Jennifer Hooper on Aug 21, 2017 10:08:02 AM

Versatile is pleased to announce that Michael Cestroni has joined our team as the Vice President of Client Engagement. He will focus on growing and expanding Versatile’s managed services practice and and professional services capabilities.

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Versatile Achieves Microsoft Gold Partnership Status for Cloud Productivity

By Jennifer Hooper on Aug 16, 2017 3:08:45 PM

We're pleased to announce our latest achievement: Microsoft Gold Partnership Status for Cloud Productivity! The industry recognition from Microsoft demonstrates that Versatile is capable of delivering best-in-breed solutions for hybrid cloud, Office 365, and extended services. The designation also distinguishes Versatile within the Microsoft ecosystem; only 1% of Microsoft partners earn this recognition.

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Versatile Managed Services. We Got You.

By Jennifer Hooper on Jul 27, 2017 10:16:26 AM

Does this sound familiar? Your organization is thriving, but you're IT department is stretched to the max. Either your IT team is pulled in so many directions it doesn't have time to do support every person and every device, or you have a small organization that simplly can't justify a full-time IT person. You can relieve the burden by outsourcing some of your routine IT tasks or by bringing in a support person on a predictable, fractional basis.

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Is The Wolf at YOUR Door?

By Jennifer Hooper on Jul 24, 2017 10:21:50 AM

Security is a topic we take seriously. 

One area of security that is often overlooked in organizations is network printers; they're vulnerable targets for hackers wanting to compromise your network and organization. 

Check out this captivating video, starring Christian Slater, to watch an alarming scenario unfold, then download our white paper, Print Security: Are Your Printers Being Exploited?  

Take the first steps toward protecting your organization today!

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7 Things to Look For in a Managed Services Provider

By Jennifer Hooper on Jul 11, 2017 2:18:06 PM

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Simplify Technology Decisions at This Must-Attend Event!

By Jennifer Hooper on Jul 5, 2017 10:41:17 AM

Join us for a culinary and technology experience where we’ll pair mouth-watering delicacies with technology insights. We’ll demystify technology choices while tempting your palate with a divine feast, from appetizers to dessert. Along the way, we’ll cover everything you want to know about the cloud, hybrid solutions, mobility, servers, storage, networking, and more.

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Can You Afford a Printer Data Breach?

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 15, 2017 11:45:51 AM

Cyber hackers and data thieves can easily exploit the security vulnerabilities of networked business printers. But most organizations have no idea how much even a single data breach can cost. Once you understand the enormity of what’s at stake, you'll want to tighten up your printer security. We can help you avoid this scenario.

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VMUG, Vermont, and Versatile!

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 12, 2017 5:19:33 PM

Connect with Versatile at the Champlain Valley VMUG meeting and learn how to leverage Office 365. Jeff Forsyth, Versatile VP of Application Services, will be on site to cover why Microsoft Office 365 may be exactly what your organization needs.

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Architect the Ideal Mobile Workplace

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 7, 2017 9:57:49 AM

Forbes recently reported that small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have seen 2x revenue and 8x job creation based on their adoption of mobile technologies. They also found that employee mobility led to a 23% increase in productivity and 30% better processes. Need more convincing? Check out the following stats and learn why a solid mobility architecture should be a critical part of your digital transformation strategy.

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Taking a Mobile-first Approach to Network Security

By Jennifer Hooper on May 30, 2017 10:21:21 AM

As more corporate applications and data are being accessed via employee devices, cloud connections, and IoT, it’s no surprise that more cyber-attacks are being aimed at networks and the devices connected to them. Recently, network attacks hit one-third of executive devices. Hackers even created a new attack, the Mirai botnet, which leverages digital cameras, DVD players, and other IoT devices to launch sustained DDoS attacks – a weapon that was used to crash the websites of companies such as Twitter, Dyn, the Guardian, Netflix, CNN, and more. And of course, there's the WannaCry cyberattack that compromised thousands of Windows computers just this month.

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Is Better WiFi the Secret to Your Organization's Success?

By Jennifer Hooper on May 22, 2017 11:07:42 AM

It's hard to believe something as ubiquitous as WiFi could mean the difference between productivity and frustration; growth and underachievement; innovation and stagnation. But it's true. Without fast, reliable wireless service, companies can't take full advantage of the next-gen mobile and cloud apps that propel business success. It's a critical component of your organization's digital transformation journey. 

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Stay Relevant with a Solid Digital Transformation Strategy

By Jennifer Hooper on May 18, 2017 8:00:00 AM

In previous blog posts, we talked about why organizations should be exploring and understanding the role of digital transformation in attracting and retaining customers, and why CIOs and CMOs should be forming close partnerships. This blog post is all about staying relevant. It’s part 3 of a 3-part series about digital transformation.

In today's digital world, organizations need to put customers at the center of their digital transformation strategies. It means understanding customers' purchasing behaviors and desired digital experiences and building strategies around them. If your organization can't meet—or surpass—your customers' expectations, another organization will.

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Join us at the Vermont Chamber Business EXPO!

By Jennifer Hooper on May 16, 2017 5:28:05 PM

The Vermont Chamber Business EXPO is the region’s largest business-to-business trade show and is organized by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. This annual event hosts nearly 200 exhibitors, showcasing the latest in cutting edge products and services for the 3,000 business people who visit the show.

Topics: Vermont Expo
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Grab a Seat For SURPASS!

By Jennifer Hooper on May 15, 2017 10:51:23 AM

At SURPASS, you’ll connect with Versatile technologists and consultants, industry experts, solution partners and like-minded IT leaders for education, inspiration, collaboration and more. The event will serve as a launchpad for you to start considering—or continue honing—your digital transformation strategy. We’re thinking about your organization’s future and want to make sure you are too!

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CIOs and CMOs Must Align for Digital Transformation to Take Place

By Jennifer Hooper on May 11, 2017 3:58:08 PM

In a previous blog post, we explored why organizations need to undergo digital transformations to attract and retain customers. In this post, we look at how to get started. This is part 2 of a 3-part series.

Digital transformation requires a shift in thinking about business at the top-level leadership. Instead of looking at margins, profits, and shareholder return, executives need to pay attention to customers’ experiences, and whether or not their organization is meeting customers' expectations.

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Have You Started Your Digital Transformation?

By Jennifer Hooper on May 4, 2017 9:30:25 AM

This blog post is part 1 of a 3-part series on Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation is a huge buzzword in business right now, and with good reason.

According to Brian Solis, considered one of the most important thought leaders of our time and award-winning author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design and WTF (What's the Future of Business?): Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, digital transformation means:

"...the realignment of, or new investment in, technology, business models, and processes to drive new value for customers and employees and more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy."

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Surpassing Expectations

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 17, 2017 1:54:10 PM

We're committed to surpassing expectations. 

It's a two-fold endeavor. One, we strive to surpass our own clients' expectations in everything we do, from simple phone calls to long-term consulting engagements. (Let us know how we're doing; contact us any time.)

Two, we help our clients exceed THEIR clients' expectations. Can your customers get to their data from anywhere? Is it fast? Is it secure? Is it stored in the right place? Does it comply with industry regulation? Are your customers happy? Loyal? Do they come back with repeat business? These are the questions we thrive on, day in and day out.

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Learn How to Dig Deeper with SharePoint

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 27, 2017 2:45:40 PM

Versatile to Host BASPUG—Boston Area SharePoint User Group—in April

Please join us at Versatile headquarters in Marlboro, MA as we host and sponsor the April BASPUG meeting. The evening's speaker will be Jared Matfess, Solution Principal working for Slalom Consulting. His presentation will focus on "Enhancing Your SharePoint Business Solutions using  JavaScript & REST."

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Data Protection's Never Been This Fun!

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 17, 2017 1:09:13 PM

Data is everywhere and growing. With today's mixture of physical virtual environments, new cloud-hosted infrastructures and applications such as Microsoft Office 365, many organizations are forced to deploy and manage multiple products from different vendors for backup and recovery.

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A Valentine's Ode to IT Professionals (Back by Popular Demand)!

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 14, 2017 3:23:29 PM

"Network's down!"

They call and say.

You look, and YES,

you must save the day!

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Buying Equipment Has Never Been This Easy

By Jennifer Hooper on Jan 31, 2017 2:30:06 PM

Have you ever wanted to order equipment but it was late at night, and your sales rep wasn't available? Been frustrated by limited reporting tools for looking at your purchase history? Wishing you had a built-in, multi-level approval process for online purchases?

We have the most robust online purchasing tools available in the industry, and you can get FREE, CUSTOMIZED access. We'll set up an online site unique to your organization.

We've got you covered.

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Are you a networking hero? If so, we're looking for you!

By Jennifer Hooper on Dec 28, 2016 3:44:49 PM

We're Looking for a Sr. Network Administrator/Engineer. Is it you? Read more to find out.

Topics: IT careers
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Aruba Leads Networking With its "Mobile First" Commitment

By Jennifer Hooper on Dec 23, 2016 10:32:48 AM

CRN recently touted Aruba's recently announced "Mobile First" strategy and open API platform. CRN queried industry partners for insights, including Versatile, an Aruba Networking Partner of Year. They spoke with our CEO, John Barker.

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10 Ways to Save Money with PC-as-a-Service!

By Jennifer Hooper on Dec 22, 2016 4:33:16 PM

There’s little question that technology drives an organization. And the technology that’s most critical to everyday operations are the PCs that support workforce productivity and workflows.

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You'll Love What's Coming in 2017!

By Jennifer Hooper on Dec 16, 2016 3:39:49 PM

by John Barker, Versatile CEO

'Tis the season to start looking ahead to the new year.

As I think about our company's future plans, I'm most excited about finding ways to help you, our clients, in deeper and more meaningful ways. With that thought in mind, I'd like to share a few things we're working on. These are just the highlights; we'll provide more details in the weeks and months ahead.

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Versatile Employees Support "Hope for the Holidays"

By Jennifer Hooper on Dec 16, 2016 10:30:43 AM

The United Way's "Hope for the Holidays" annual campaign continues to be a success at Versatile, now 4 years running! 

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$1,000 Scholarship and Paid Internship For One Lucky College Student!

By Jennifer Hooper on Dec 8, 2016 3:31:56 PM

Yes, you read that right! We're offering $1,000 and a paid semester internship to one lucky college student!

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Your staff called. They want time off.

By Jennifer Hooper on Nov 28, 2016 12:19:13 PM

Give the “gift of time” to your IT staff this holiday season.

Whether you need a few hours or a few weeks of extra support within your IT department, our experienced engineers can fill the gaps during this busy time of year!

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Join us at Angelbeat in TWO Southeast Locations!

By Jennifer Hooper on Oct 11, 2016 2:14:15 PM

Join us at two half-day Angelbeat workshops in the Southeast: Tampa and Orlando!

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Hybrid Possibilities with Office 365 and SharePoint 2016

By Jennifer Hooper on Oct 5, 2016 11:07:07 AM

Please join us at our headquarters in Marlboro, Massachusetts on October 12 as we host the Boston Area SharePoint User Group Meeting and welcome guest speaker, Suresh Ural, whose presentation will focus on hybrid possibilities with Office 365 and SharePoint 2016.

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More Than a "Full House" at Viva Tech Vegas!

By Jennifer Hooper on Oct 4, 2016 1:17:45 PM

Our annual Viva Tech Vegas event WAS a full house, but so much more! The night was an incredible evening of great energy, high fives, great tunes spun by a DJ, and a preview of the brand-new Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Synergy Composable Infrastructure. The pictures simply don't capture it all!

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How to Fix a Hyper-V Failover Cluster With a Failed Node

By Jennifer Hooper on Sep 27, 2016 11:30:27 AM

For sys admins managing the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform, this podcast is for you!

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Join us at Angelbeat...in two locations!

By Jennifer Hooper on Sep 12, 2016 11:05:19 AM

Join us at Angelbeat, a comprehensive half-day workshop that covers what you need to know—security and compliance, network infrastructure, storage/backup, and private/public/hybrid cloud decisionsin short, concise presentations by industry experts. 

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Pokemon Go "Lure-a-Thon" a Huge Success in Tampa!

By Jennifer Hooper on Aug 31, 2016 1:57:44 PM

Versatile staff from our Florida office recently joined forces with Tampa's Glazer Children's Museum for a Pokémon "Lure-a-thon!" Participants pulled out their smart phones and went hunting for Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle, and all their friends, inside, outside, and around the museum. When phone batteries got low, Versatile was there to the rescue with charging stations to keep the the fun moving along!

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Versatile Employees Support United Way's "Tools for School"

By Jennifer Hooper on Aug 30, 2016 2:30:19 PM

We are incredibly delighted by our employees' generosity at our home office in Marlboro, Massachusetts during the United Way's "Tools for School" Backpack Program. The backpack and school supply drive was a big success thanks to those employees who donated an amazing selection of school supplies and backpacks...in all colors and sizes! The kids who receive these backpacks will be pleasantly surprised when they can return to school ready to take on the year in style!

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The Yellow Bird and White Fish

By Admin on Aug 23, 2016 9:30:47 AM

Some of our hardiest customers and staff recently took a break from the office and joined HPE and Intel aboard the Yellow Bird a rugged, fast, dry, and clean 60-foot fishing vessel for a full day of deep-sea fishing.
Topics: HPE Fishing Intel
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5 Key Takeaways from Cisco Live 2016!

By Richard Purizaca on Aug 5, 2016 1:29:33 PM

By Richard Purizaca *

From the opening keynote speech by Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, who energized the crowd with a wealth of information, to the closing notes by Kevin Spacey, who keyed up pure excitement as he conveyed how "your journey” and “your story” empowers your brand and separates you from your competitors, Cisco Live 2016! was an incredible event. Other themes that emerged throughout the event included be the differentiator and challenge the norm, break barriers and keep reaching. But in my field of Engineering and Architecture, my favorite subjects fell within the Engineering Design, Network Security and Architectural space. Here are 5 key takeaways announced at Cisco Live 2016!

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Everything About This Event Was "Versatile!"

By Jennifer Hooper on Aug 1, 2016 10:28:25 AM

It's true in every business: no matter how well you plan and execute, unexpected things happen. You just have to roll with it, and that's exactly what we did at our recent bourbon-tasting event.

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What the New SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Means for You

By Jennifer Hooper on Jul 31, 2016 5:00:00 AM

Please join us at our headquarters in Marlboro, Massachusetts on August 10 as we host the Boston Area SharePoint User Group Meeting and welcome guest speaker, Marc Anderson.

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Join us For a Pokémon Go "Lure-a-Thon" in Tampa!

By Jennifer Hooper on Jul 29, 2016 4:06:08 PM

Charmander, Pikachu, and Squirtle are no match for Versatile when we lure Pokémon at Pok-Stops around the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa on August 6th from 6:00-10:00 PM. There's even a Pokémon Trainer Gym located in the museum!

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6 Tips for Hiring an IT Consultant

By Jay Shenk on Jul 21, 2016 2:50:22 PM

I’ve worked with many different consultants throughout my career, with varying degrees of success. The difference among them is value. An investment in the right consultant will pay you back many times over, whether it’s in saved time, money, or both. Based on my experience as a CIO and an IT consultant, here are six tips for getting the most out of an engagement with an IT consultant:

Topics: IT consulting
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Conveying Our Support for Dallas

By Admin on Jul 13, 2016 8:26:13 PM

Like most people, our employees are reeling from the recent events in Dallas; we're at a loss for words, however, we want to show our support. We find when you don't have the perfect words to share, you reflect the sentiments of those that say what you are feeling. The Bangor, Maine Police Department has a Facebook page several of us enjoy reading, and they posted a heartfelt message that conveys what we want to say better than we would have written. 

Topics: Dallas Police
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For anyone who's ever been on a conference call...

By Jennifer Hooper on Jul 6, 2016 3:10:34 PM

...this video is for you! It had our entire team howling one day, gathered around a single screen in the office so we wouldn't miss a second. Each of us could relate to every moment, from the dog barking in the background to the revelation of the unknown conference call participant. We hope this video brings you as much laughter as it brought to us!

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A 4th of July Poem

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 30, 2016 10:31:08 AM

The day’s steamy and hot,
It’s the 4th of July.
Your burger's in hand;
There’s nothing awry.

But wait, did you hear that?
Just one little ding.
Your mobile phone texts:
“Hey, there’s this one little thing…”

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4 Reasons to Consider Migrating to Office 365

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 29, 2016 1:41:48 PM

When it comes to Office 365 migrations, there are basically four reasons why IT leaders typically consider switching from Exchange (on-premise) to Office 365 (cloud-based). You may have considered at least one of these benefits, but others may surprise you. Based on comments and concerns we’ve heard from countless IT leaders, here are four reasons to consider upgrading to Office 365.

Topics: Office 365
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Small Batch Bourbon & Big Ideas!

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 28, 2016 2:32:03 PM

Shed those memories of swigging whiskey while tailgating at a college football game to stay warm. You're more sophisticated now. It's time to learn how to drink and enjoy bourbon whiskey!

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Versatile Visits Vermont VMUG (Whew - Say that 10 times fast!)

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 22, 2016 2:24:48 PM

Versatile took part in the 2016 VMUG Champlain Valley VT User Group meeting on Tuesday, June 21, where we had a chance to connect with existing customers and make some amazing new connections! 

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Transform How You Pay for IT (the Old Rules No Longer Apply)

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 21, 2016 9:24:44 AM

Instead of servers, storage, and data centers, think "consumption." It’s the new way organizations are doing business, and as a result, they're getting more done with less. In this previously recorded webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Monetize IT operating expenses to fund the technology you need
  • Consider business outcomes as you make IT purchases
  • Keep your CFO happy
Topics: Consumption OpEx
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Catch us at VMUG in Vermont!

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 15, 2016 3:48:25 PM

We've been to virtualization user groups in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut...now we're heading to Vermont! 

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Managing the Internet of Things (IoT) Requires a Strategy

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 15, 2016 1:49:49 PM

When the “Internet of Things” (IoT) was coined a few years ago, some thought it was a cute marketing phrase that would slowly fizzle out over time. But instead, the IoT is a real phenomenon that is growing exponentially, with no end in sight. From an IT perspective,  keeping up with the IoT is a real challenge.

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IT Roundtable. Knights Wanted.

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 6, 2016 4:41:48 PM

As CIO, IT Director, or Security Specialist you already know that vulnerabilities on your network are targets for exploitation. What about industry compliance? Keeping up with security concerns is a never-ending process. Are you doing enough? Have you addressed all the pain points? IS your network secure?

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Get Your Gear & Make Your CFO Happy!

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 6, 2016 4:35:34 PM

According to the IDC FutureScape, Worldwide Datacenter 2016 Predictions, by the end of 2016, 50% of organizations will demand payment models based on usage for major IT and data center investments.

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Thanks, Vermont!

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 3, 2016 8:38:18 AM

For the third year in a row, our Vermont team participated in the May Vermont Business Expo, the region’s largest business-to-business trade show (organized by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce). It was a great day for seeing familiar faces and new faces alike. We're already looking forward to next year!

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5 Considerations for a Solid Security Strategy

By Jennifer Hooper on May 23, 2016 11:54:56 AM

Stolen credit cards. Ransomware extortion. Corporate espionage. Every week, there’s a story in the news about a security breach at a major corporation. Last week, hamburger joint Wendy’s announced a malware infection, joining a growing list of organizations that have suffered from security compromises including Home Depot, Target, Neiman Marcus, and others.

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Don't Miss This Smoooooth Event! In Tampa!

By Jennifer Hooper on May 5, 2016 9:41:30 AM

Brought to you by VGo* 

We’ve been blending the ingredients with our partners HP Enterprise and Microsoft to bring you our newest event series focused on the finest artisanal spirits hand-crafted by passionate and dedicated master distillers. This event will help you discover craft spirits, understand how to prepare them, and take pride in what you drink. This is a ‘MUST ATTEND’ event!

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Trends in the Digital Workplace for SharePoint and Office 365

By Jennifer Hooper on May 3, 2016 3:00:14 PM

Please join us at our headquarters in Marlboro, Massachusetts on May 11 as we host the Boston Area SharePoint User Group Meeting and welcome guest speaker, Lynn Noel!

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Versatile Raises Money for the Jimmy Fund on Red Sox's Opening Day

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 27, 2016 11:08:09 AM

To celebrate the Boston Red Sox's Opening Day at Fenway Park on April 11, employees in our Massachusetts headquarters earned the chance to wear Red Sox gear to work by making a $5 (or higher) contribution to the Jimmy Fund. It was a great way to celebrate the start of baseball season while supporting the fight against cancer!

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Your Budget is Shrinking…or is it?

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 26, 2016 3:17:47 PM

We know that money—more specificaly, constrained budgets—are on the forefront of the minds of IT leaders. This article provides tips for stretching your IT budget. 

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3 Ways an Office 365 Consultant Can Save You Money

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 25, 2016 1:31:42 PM

Let’s say your organization tasks you with migrating from their current business platform to Microsoft Office 365. If you’re like most IT leaders, questions immediately start running through your mind:

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How Secure is Your Mobile Strategy?

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 18, 2016 3:24:34 PM

As mobile and cloud solutions continue to emerge on the IT landscape, security concerns are (rightfully) on the minds of organization leaders. CIOs and Security Officers have their hands full trying to keep up and navigate through the noise to settle on the right trends and protocols for their organizations.

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A Happy Dance for our Newly Certified Aruba Engineers!

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 13, 2016 4:36:31 PM

We couldn't be happier or more proud of Bill Fischer, Versatile Senior Network Consultant, who recently earned the designation of Aruba Certified Design Expert (ACDX). Bill joins Jeff Buschow, Versatile Solutions Architect, who was ACDX-certified in October.

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Tech Talk Summit and Wine Tasting!

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 8, 2016 10:35:42 AM

Join us as Versatile’s guest at the Burlington Marriott Hotel to relax, network, and learn about IT innovations. Enjoy wine and appetizers while you connect with IT friends, colleagues, manufacturers, and partners. Hear short presentations about mission-critical technologies.

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Join us at AngelBeat in Waltham, MA

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 7, 2016 12:42:52 PM

Learn about security/compliance, network infrastructure, storage/backup, private/public/hybrid cloud decisions, and more! Hear expert speakers from Microsoft, VMware and other technology leaders, including Versatile!, deliver concise technical, educational, and complementary talks. Jeff Forsyth from Versatile will discuss ways to achieve "Office 365 Utopia."

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HPE’s All-Flash Storage Reduces Budgets & Improves Agility

By Jennifer Hooper on Apr 5, 2016 10:03:48 AM

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently announced storage portfolio enhancements to help enterprises capture the benefits of an all-flash data center while shielding them from risk.

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Versatile Implements Aruba Solution for 6 schools and 2,400 Students

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 30, 2016 12:12:53 PM

The Ledyard Public School System, a rural district with six schools in Connecticut, recently turned to Versatile to develop a solution to improve its wireless and LAN capabilities. Versatile worked together with Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to bring Ledyard's wireless capabilities up-to-date and help the school system stay ahead of the technology curve for its 2,400+ students.

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Versatile Wins "2016 East Area Networking Partner of the Year" Award at Aruba Atmosphere 2016 Conference!

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 29, 2016 5:30:00 AM

Earlier this month, Versatile was recognized as a Top Channel Partner by HP Enterprise and Aruba at the closing ceremony of the Aruba Networks Atmosphere Conference. Versatile was awarded "2016 East Area Networking Partner of the Year."

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Versatile Attends UMass Lowell 2016 Spring Career Fair

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 28, 2016 10:58:16 AM

Versatile was on-hand at the UMass Lowell's Career Services and Cooperative Education Center on March 23, 2016 to promote full-time, co-op, and internship positions at the company.

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Versatile Supports College Co-op and Internship Programs

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 22, 2016 4:45:49 PM

Over the past few years, Versatile HR Manager Sharon Griffin has been working closely with Framingham State University to help grow the university's co-op program. To date, the company has hosted several students from the university for 6 months at a time on a rotating schedule. Versatile has even hired two students as full-time employees upon their graduation.

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Join us in Boca Raton for a Tech Talk Summit!

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 22, 2016 11:05:14 AM

Join us at the Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel on March 24th from 3:00-8:00 to relax, network, and learn about IT innovations. Enjoy cocktails & apps while you connect with IT friends, colleagues, manufacturers, and partners. 

Versatile is a presenting sponsor.

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Artificial Intelligence is Here and Now

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 17, 2016 4:41:08 PM

When you hear the phrases “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI,” you might think of futuristic applications. But the highly publicized Go tournament between AlphaGo (Google’s AI system) and Lee Sedol (one of the world’s best Go players) may change your mind.

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Tech Talk Summit and Wine Tasting in Miami

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 16, 2016 5:00:55 PM

Join us at the Hyatt Regency Miami on March 23rd from 3:00-8:00 to relax, network, and learn about IT innovations. Enjoy cocktails & apps while you connect with IT friends, colleagues, manufacturers, and partners. 

Versatile is a presenting sponsor.

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HPE Storage, Veeam, Versatile and NCAA March Madness!

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 10, 2016 4:02:51 PM

Join us for NCAA March Madness!

Hear a brief update on HPE and Veeam storage solutions and be our guest for a great basketball experience! FREE!

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RIP and farewell to the inventor of modern email

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 7, 2016 4:25:18 PM

You may not be familiar with the name Ray Tomlinson, but you definitely know his legacy! Here are just a few highlights of Tomlinson's accomplishments:

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The Public Cloud Continues to Consolidate

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 4, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Anyone who works in the IT industry acknowledges the rapid evolution of cloud computing solutions over the past several years. For IT leaders, this evolution has proven to be both good and bad. Good, because there are a lot of available solutions. Bad, because there are a lot of available solutions.

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3 Ways a Network Expert Can Help Your Organization

By Jennifer Hooper on Mar 3, 2016 11:10:57 AM

By Chris Springer

If you’re going to visit a new country, you have options on how to get there, right? Which one will get you there the fastest: wandering around aimlessly, planning the trip on your own, or consulting with an expert? 

Right...the expert!

Getting your network where you want it to go is similar. You likely know exactly what the network needs to support your organization, but you’re not necessarily an expert in how to get there. You have questions about technical readiness, new technology, security, and more.

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Apply now for a summer internship!

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 25, 2016 4:24:56 PM

These aren’t coffee-fetching gigs.
This is real life.

Almost everyone knows a college student or a veteran. Whether yours is a daughter, son, niece, nephew or next-door-neighbor, give them the upper edge by telling them about Versatile internships. Our interns get paid, earn college credit, and gain career-boosting experience while they work.  Internships may even lead to permanent employment (yeah, we’re open to that)!

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This Month in IT History: February, 2016

By Admin on Feb 24, 2016 11:29:39 AM

February gave us some great moments in IT history! Here's a look back at some of the highlights!

Topics: IT History
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Is the hybrid cloud finally here?

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 24, 2016 10:36:00 AM

The term “hybrid solution” isn't marketing fluff; it’s a utopia that IT departments everywhere are trying to achieve. The challenge facing IT managers is that they know they need a hybrid solution, but aren’t sure how to get there. Should they take a “cloud-first” or “premise-first” approach? There’s a lot of confusion.

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Why Your Organization Should Consider a Network Health Check

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 23, 2016 1:13:42 PM

In this interview, Chris Springer, Senior Network Consultant, talks about why organizations should consider Versatile Network Health Checks to help prepare them to meet future goals. Here is Chris’s take.

Can you explain how an organization can benefit from a Network Health Check?

A Network Health Check is all about discovery and helping an organization get to where they want to go. It’s a fixed price, fixed scope project. We take a look at the organization’s immediate, upcoming, and future needs, then design a solution not just for today, but one that also prepares the network to the technology of tomorrow.

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What's App'ening with SharePoint

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 18, 2016 12:03:13 PM

Are you wondering if you're getting the most out of your current SharePoint investment? Find out how healthy your SharePoint environment is while it's up and running. Proactive monitoring saves time and money for your IT department. Sign up today


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A Valentine's Ode to IT Professionals

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 11, 2016 11:37:36 AM


“Network’s down!”

They call and say.

You look, and YES,

you must save the day!


It’s Valentine’s Day...

...so this isn’t funny!

You want nothing more

than to be with your honey!

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Looking for Sales Executives in Tampa - is that you?

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 4, 2016 2:27:58 PM

If you recently attended or took note of our Tampa grand-reopening, you know our company is growing! That means we're adding to our team!

Are you looking for a job in the IT industry?

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We’re headed to Angelbeat, and we want you to join us!

By Admin on Feb 1, 2016 4:01:01 PM

Versatile experts Jeff Forsyth and Dave Christianson will be at Angelbeat to explain how you can leverage Office 365 to make a real impact on your organization.

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Versatile and HP Enterprise was hot, hot, hot in Tampa!

By Jennifer Hooper on Feb 1, 2016 2:50:43 PM

Torrential rain outside couldn’t dampen the party inside at our Tampa Grand Re-Opening on January 28th with Versatile, HP Enterprise, and amazing food by celebrity Chef Bonanno!  

Attendees got a chance to learn about new ways to use technology, network among peers, check out our state-of-the-art demo room, and hear about IT strategies that can help their organization meet more business outcomes.

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This Month in IT History: January, 2016

By Admin on Jan 25, 2016 1:23:40 PM

Wow – a lot happened this month in IT history! Here's a look back at some of the highlights!

January 1st, 1939

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard become one, HP. They decided to name the company after their last names. Who went 1st? They decided on Hewlett-Packard over Packard-Hewett over a coin flip, and Hewlett guessing correctly. There was a 50% chance it could have been "Packard-Hewlett."

Topics: IT History
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Leveraging Office 365 and SharePoint

By Jennifer Hooper on Jan 25, 2016 12:56:07 PM

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Hooper

In this interview, Versatile’s Vice President of Applications Services and General Manager, Jeff Forsyth, offers his insights on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, and how companies can take advantage of these powerful tools. Here is Jeff’s take.

Can you provide a brief overview of Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access) and other productivity tools like Skype and Exchange. What’s great about Office 365 is that because an organization’s data is stored in the cloud, you can access it from multiple devices like PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile phones...

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John's Take: Winding Down & Ramping Up

By Jennifer Hooper on Dec 16, 2015 2:09:06 PM

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Hooper

We recently sat down with John Barker, Versatile co-founder and CEO, who gave us his take on Versatile’s place in the IT industry as 2015 winds down and 2016 ramps up.

Do you have any messages for your clients as 2015 comes to an end?

The breadth of our portfolio grew significantly in 2015, we can offer more support. Helping clients has always been our top priority, and as we look ahead to 2016, we’re going to keep asking How can we continue to be a trusted partner to move your business forward?

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Joe's Take: How the IT industry is Pivoting

By Jennifer Hooper on Nov 24, 2015 8:14:42 PM

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Hooper

Joe Batista, Director & Chief Creatologist at Hewlett-Packard, recently served as the keynote speaker at Versatile’s successful “Look to the Future” event on November 10, 2015. After, we got a chance to sit down and ask a few questions about how he thinks the IT industry is currently pivoting. Here is his take.

What are your thoughts on the pivots taking place in today’s IT environment? What should clients be paying attention to?

In my 32 years of experience working in the IT industry, I’ve never seen the industry change—or pivot—as fast as it is changing right now. Overall, I see five major “vectors” that clients should pay attention to as they think about managing their IT infrastructures:

Topics: IT Trends
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Dave Christianson's Take: Consulting Services

By Jennifer Hooper on Sep 24, 2015 8:43:00 PM

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Hooper

David Christianson, Senior VP of Consulting Services, takes a deep dive into Versatile’s newest consulting offering and expertise.

Can you explain what drives Versatile’s Consulting Services?

The Consulting Services team was formed at Versatile to help clients find the intersection between their business problems and information technology. While Versatile has a robust history of implementing technical solutions, now we can help clients more by leading them through a planning process to uncover alternatives. Consulting Services helps with technology decisions, but also readiness, budgeting, and IT management issues. We engage the client as early as possible and help them create a roadmap so there are no surprises along the way.

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David's Take: Cloud, on-prem: how do you decide?

By Jennifer Hooper on Aug 24, 2015 8:47:00 PM

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Hooper

Designing a strategy and creating a roadmap for your IT infrastructure isn’t easy. Ease your burden and lighten your load by leaning on industry experts. Versatile President, David Cote, gives his take on Versatile’s new consulting services.

Versatile recently added Consulting Services to its portfolio of offerings. What was the reasoning behind that decision?

Many people are confused about the choices that are available for consuming technology, and which choices are right for their companies. In general, company executives are putting a lot of pressure on IT departments to make decisions that optimize business performance and overall outcomes. We added Consulting Services to help our clients get to the right decisions.

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Kevin's Take: HP & Aruba Join Forces

By Jennifer Hooper on Jul 24, 2015 8:33:00 PM

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Hooper

Kevin Meany, Chief Strategist and Co-Founder of Versatile, speaks about Hewlett-Packard’s recent acquisition of Aruba Network Solutions – a $3 billion purchase – and how it will affect Versatile customers.

“Aruba offers solid, reliable, high-performing mobility platforms with forward-looking vision into the mobility space,” says Kevin Meany.

Meany is excited about the new partnership, acknowledging that it will help HP fill a void in its mobility product line. “Not only does Aruba help HP catch up in the mobility space, it makes HP an industry leader,” he says.

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Jeff's Take: Versatile Acquires Kiiro

By Jennifer Hooper on Jun 24, 2015 8:35:00 PM

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Hooper

Recently, Jeff Forsyth (Versatile’s Vice President of Applications Services and General Manager) sat down and answered questions about Versatile’s acquisition of Kiiro Software. Here’s his take.

Why did Versatile acquire Kiiro Software?

Versatile has always been very competent at selling hardware. By bringing on Kiiro, we can now provide software solutions that sit on top of hardware solutions.

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