Creating flexible, modern, creative work environments

Dec 8, 2021 4:01:47 PM

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Versatile has reinforced its commitment to creating the most flexible, modern, and creative work environment by moving our headquarters from Marlboro to Hudson, MA!

Like many organizations, we had to readdress our company’s logistics over to something hybrid that fits today’s current workforce environment. We want to take this opportunity to share our story, the motivation behind our new space, and some of the technology that allowed this to happen so effortlessly.

Dare I say that we wanted to create a more Versatile workforce and remove the need to depend on office space. We have implemented a hybrid team allowing our employees to work in a safe productive environment. To empower collaboration within our company since March 2020, we utilize Microsoft Teams as we can meet from anywhere with anyone while keeping everything in one place with HP Slice and Logitech technology. We’ve substantially upgraded our internal networking capabilities to support our staging activities, our internal wireless capabilities, and physical security with state-of-the-art Cisco Meraki switches, access points, and camera technology. Along with higher speed circuits and redundant ISP communications, we have further enhanced our remote access capabilities which keeps security at the forefront.

The result is a seamless, high-performance workplace that supports a local or remote workforce and our customer base from any location. We’ve reduced our overall footprint in the process and will save money while we continue to support our employees and our customers. We know many of you are having similar conversations and we’d be happy to share our experiences and our solutions as you continue to evaluate your own facility and remote workforce needs moving forward.

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John Barker

Written by John Barker

CEO and Co-Founder of Versatile