We enable a disciplined approach to technology implementation.

Improving workplace productivity within any organization begins with developing a business strategy that defines a vision for the role technology will play in support of an organization. The thoughtfulness at this early stage ensures that whatever your infrastructure plans are, there will be agreement on the vision for how technology will support an organization’s business strategy. 

Shaping the sets of values, principles, and guidelines that will inform an organization’s architecture will help navigate to clear decisions when building a roadmap to success. Additionally, cross-functional requirements need to be identified in order to establish a basis for judging existing system operations. Organizations must also reach consensus on an accepted set of defaults for tools, technologies, and frameworks.  

And, a clearly defined architectural operating model will support the aspects of a technical strategy by outlining structure, accountabilities, governance, essential behaviors, and procedures for how people, processes, and technology will get integrated to deliver value. 

Versatile works with clients to understand their overall business challenges, not a strategy that addresses immediate pressures for a specific technology. Specific technology should depend on the technology principles defined in the overall technology strategy. Through joint participation with senior leadership, we articulate the business drivers for their organization and reach consensus on goals, an important first step because technology principles rely on this. We work together, identifying issues that are validated by the group, and move towards building a cohesive team to tackle a shared vision. Versatile helps CIOs and IT leaders articulate the technology principles that will enable the specific business drivers outlined by leadership. Our teams develop an architecture and blueprint outlining how selected technology principles fit together with details for implementation, procurement, and key milestones.