We keep your data secure.

Delivering IT solutions that help organizations protect critical data, guard against threats and provides fully controlled access management is the first line of defense against cyber threats.  

An important and necessary component to the success of any business or organization, a well-implemented  
cybersecurity defense solution enables businesses and organizations to build trust with their customers and assure them that their information is private and protected.  

Securing your organization’s data may be required by local and federal consumer protection laws, privacy laws, or simply as a means of protecting trade secrets. The primary way of securing data is through restricting access.  

There are network and data loss protections and endpoint security, passwords, username-level authorizations, and group policies on a network that can help minimize access by unauthorized employees or an outside intrusion. 

Security threats are more prevalent today than ever before.  Cyber attacks were rated the fifth top risk in 2020 and becoming the norm across the public and private sectors. Cyber terrorism and crime are projected to cost companies $10.5 trillion by 2025. With a comprehensive enterprise security program in place, you are protected whether you are migrating to the cloud, using managed hosting services, or relying on your own data center. 

Versatile brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise — grounded in network security and end-user protections — across a range of industry segments like healthcare, finance, insurance, higher education, manufacturing, and commercial businesses. We offer firewall expertise, end-point security, cloud security, intrusion detection, and more to keep your business secure and productive. And we know regulatory compliance. Our knowledgeable teams can help guide you through complex compliance issues, so you don’t have to go it alone.