Enabling consumer security and trust.

Meeting requirements for federal and state regulatory compliance is critical to a financial institution’s survival and its opportunity for growth. Demonstrating the ability to protect consumer information to its board, shareholders, and consumers can mean the difference between the success or failure of not only its business operations but its brand in the marketplace.  

Consumers need to know that the trust they place in their banks or mortgage companies is assured. And financial institutions need to back up those assurances with leading-edge technology solutions that enable them to grow while protecting operations and their customers from internal and external intrusions to their systems.   

Versatile works with financial institutions to build and improve your internal systems, optimizing your networks and all avenues of communication — email, phone systems, and internet — keeping them open and secure. We work to protect your data and safeguard your day-to-day operations, reinforcing it with business continuity planning to so you can service your customers uninterrupted. Disaster recovery plans are designed for your specific organizational needs and communicated to internal IT teams and are at the ready, outlining every step necessary to return your operations to normal. Proactive security risk assessments protect your business continuity and improve defenses against vulnerabilities that can damage not only operations but institution’s brand reputation.