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Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience and How it Affects You

When Microsoft launched their New Commerce Experience (NCE), its goal was to provide customers greater choice and flexibility with license purchasing. 

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Build a Successful Hybrid Workforce

In today’s hyper-competitive job market, many organizations are looking at a hybrid work model to retain and recruit top talent while streamlining their operations. For IT organizations making the shift from in-office work to a hybrid workforce, this idea may sound a bit daunting.

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Versatile Health

At VersatileHealth, our mission is to help healthcare organizations realize the promise of healthcare information technology: a safer, higher-quality, more accessible, and more patient-centric care system. We are committed to improve healthcare through a combination of technology innovation and cost reduction for practices, ambulatory networks and local communities.

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Staying Safe & Secure for the New Year

Stay safe this new year and secure yourself and your loved ones online with these ten tips from our cloud expert. 

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