We make purchasing easy.

Organizations know the pain of acquiring, implementing, and managing the lifecycle of their IT assets. Procurement and lifecycle management is time-consuming and complex and always under pressure to reduce costs to stay on budget. 

Poor purchasing decisions and lack of the right manufacturer and vendor connections become costly mistakes and adds a burden to the in-house IT teams. Increasingly, IT leaders are shifting the burden of procurement and lifecycle management to reliable, well-connected IT solutions providers. Leveraging their experience, expertise, and partnerships with manufacturers and vendors, in-house teams can focus on day-to-day demands of maintaining IT operations.   

Versatile streamlines the process of purchasing hardware and software for you. We manage acquisition, customization, logistics, delivery, and implementation of all your IT equipment. Our strong partnerships with major industry manufacturers and vendors ensure we get the best price for you, customize your systems, install specified hardware and software, with delivery aligned to planned milestones.