Andrew Ruth

Andrew Ruth is the VP of Strategy and Development for Versatile Health. For 15 years, Andrew has delivered technology and data-driven solutions to transform clinical, operational and financial performance for healthcare payor and provider organizations. At Versatile, his focus is to drive satisfaction, success and sustainably for providers, patients and the local communities through technology innovation and cost reduction. Andrew is responsible for operational management, strategy and sales enablement, marketing and client experiences.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Clinical Care Computing

By Andrew Ruth on Nov 26, 2019 10:32:51 AM

Over the past few years, the healthcare computing environment has changed dramatically. Driven as much by new opportunities for innovation as by security threats to data and operations, the pace of change is only likely to accelerate in the years ahead. Keeping up with these changes is no longer just an issue of ideal optimization, it's a matter of survival for many healthcare organizations whether they recognize the risk or not.

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