MSPs: Adopting Cyber Solutions to Better Serve their Clients

May 31, 2023 9:00:17 AM

Managed service providers (MSPs) are an important and growing element of the technology
industry, providing businesses with a wide range of IT services, from data and application
management to networking and user support. MSPs can help businesses with everything
from basic IT systems to complex cloud computing solutions.

In many cases, MSPs enable smaller and mid-sized organizations to adopt sophisticated
solutions, backed by expert services, that would not typically be available based on their
size and budget. Tightly related to this is the growing demand for cybersecurity services;
businesses of all sizes are seeking more complete risk protection, and MSPs can offer a
wide range of cybersecurity services, such as vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, and
data backup for disaster recovery.

MSPs can also offer more complete services by licensing tools and partnering with
cybersecurity providers that offer a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) including real
time alert management and protection from cyberattacks.

According to Gartner Group, “Skills shortages, increasing technology complexities, and
blurring of lines between IT operations and security operations help drive increasing
customer interest in outsourcing to service providers.” (Emerging Trends: Future of Security
Services, 24 November 2021) This trend is driving MSPs to adopt software tools such as
XDR applications and MDR partnerships to better meet customer needs.

This week, to meet this growing need from their MSP clients, Versatile (part of the
ACP CreativIT group) launched its MSP partnership with UncommonX, a leading provider
of MDR/XDR solutions. Versatile has adopted the UncommonX platform to provide a
leading-edge cybersecurity solution to its MSP clients, assuring their ability to operate their
core business with a greatly reduced risk profile.

The solution will be offered as a paid add-on to Versatile MSP clients, enabling users across
manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, finance, insurance, and other industries to be
protected by a comprehensive discovery and management technology, backed by a 24/7
SOC that will manage all alerts and remediation. Pricing is based on device counts and
offers a quick and effective onboarding process that activates the total solution within days.

For more information on UncommonX solutions, please see our website and contact Nils
For more information on Versatile and its enhanced MSP offer with UncommonX, please
contact Andy Ruth: 

Andrew Ruth

Written by Andrew Ruth

Andrew Ruth is the VP of Strategy and Development for Versatile.