Arrive at your destination intact and secure. 

The ability for employees to work from anywhere and still be able to communicate and collaborate remains business-critical around the world. To support and strengthen this, businesses and organizations undertake change management efforts — routine and strategic improvements to their infrastructures and networks to build better future-proofed resilience.  Solutions that enable higher end-user productivity and satisfaction, streamlining IT operations and infrastructure, and consolidating vendors all enhance the bottom line. A large part of these massive efforts includes planning, executing, and validating the migration of vast amounts of data and systems with consideration to infrastructure size. 

Every migration is as unique as the business or organization and its goals. As are the kinds of migration complexities they face —data, databases, applications, operating systems, and cloud. The amount of data involved, timelines for completion, workload types, and security considerations all must be evaluated at the outset of an engagement.  

Versatile is uniquely qualified to guide you through successful migrations that address moving data across databases, applications, and systems, and transforming on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, or moving from one cloud environment to another. We address the challenges of transferring large amounts of data across a network or physically moving drives from one place to another. We deep-dive into your system requirements and applications to determine if they can be re-hosted, re-architected, re-platformed, or simply retired or replaced altogether. Our detailed approach to migration execution identifies potential complications that could impact your workloads, configurations, and applications.  Versatile has robust Cloud/IT Advisory and productivity capabilities that can safely guide you through the complex and delicate process of getting your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud in a variety of full or hybrid solutions.