Zero-trust security and compliance at every end point.  

Fraud and security threats continue to grow, evolve, and challenge businesses at all levels. As a result, IT departments everywhere are experiencing numerous and continual changes in the way they can manage, control, and secure user devices. Any physical device that connects to, or exchanges information with, a computer network is a risk. Add in the modern workplace as a common part of the business landscape, and IT administration becomes exponentially more challenging for IT administrators. The ability and methods used to evaluate, assign, and oversee access rights for all endpoint devices and apply security policies and tools to reduce or prevent cyberattacks, must keep pace with each new threat. 

Versatile empowers clients with data protection and endpoint compliance that supports a Zero Trust security model. We build robust modern endpoint management systems with all the right protocols for sandboxing, preventing data loss, installing next-generation firewalls, multi-factor authentication set-up, employing enhanced data recovery methods, and end-user training. We manage legacy and modern applications in a unified way, providing solid oversight, security, and awareness to IT departments. We help you leverage endpoint analytics to understand deeper metrics that affect the overall health and performance of your client devices. And take the necessary steps to maintain optimum efficiency.   

Versatile also provides clients with the single point of complete control capabilities they need to manage and secure mobile applications, content, collaboration, and more to all endpoints like company-issued or bring-your-own smartphones, tablets, laptops, printers, ruggedized devices, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.