A journey to optimized productivity.

Hybrid cloud solutions have become a strategic technology asset for many companies as they take their first steps towards digital transformation. Depending on your business and IT goals and objectives, hybrid cloud solutions can be a half-step to a full cloud solution because it is a balanced combination of on-premises and one or more cloud environments. It can also include edge environments. Cloud or hybrid cloud solutions offer significant business value if it’s supported by a strong base of networking, identity and access management, and security.  

Versatile can help you develop a full or hybrid cloud solution that aligns to your business and IT goals for digital transformation and create an optimal cloud environment that seamlessly supports your operations and your employees. We work with you to define your unique IT architecture and your business and IT goals, documenting all the requirements to remediation. We also look closely at your network, how you are managing identity and access, and the current strength of your security protocols, looking for gaps and weaknesses that need reinforcement, to ensure your cloud solutions are built on a solid foundation.