One portal for full asset control. 

Every organization relies heavily on asset management tools to ensure their assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, updated, and disposed of when the time comes. Put simply, it’s making sure that all valuable IT items — tangible and intangible — are tracked and being used optimally. These asset management tools can often be across one or more disparate systems. 

Versatile offers Centralized Asset Management, a one-point portal customized and aligned to each of our clients’ organizational needs. Our portal allows IT teams to administer a wide array of lifecycle management tasks and actions for standardizing new hire onboarding and managing exit employee hardware returns. It’s a powerful asset that provides you complete, customized control over warehousing, inventory management, asset tagging, serial number tracking, imaging, asset recovery, and meet necessary HIPAA compliance pertaining to hardware and data destruction. It provides keen insight with reporting on inventory and historical, budget, and shipping reports.