We empower new insights at the start of every engagement. 

At the start of every client engagement, Versatile takes clients through an exhaustive, collaborative session for a granular look at the inter-relationships between an organization’s applications, current information architectures, and business growth strategies. We build consensus between business and IT leaders and work towards assembling a cohesive team to tackle a shared vision with open lines of communication to all departments and lines of business.  

Through our insight process, Versatile and key stakeholders identify common issues and concerns that are validated by the group. We review business and IT objectives and document the necessary requirements for remediation and growth.  We compare and balance these new insights against financial, operational, and timeframe constraints and arrive at a clear description of your organization’s business strategies that form the foundation for the path forward. 

Versatile’s Business Technology Review, backed by our cross-functional teams of technologists, strategists, program managers, and quality and implementation specialists provide a cost-effective way to gather and disseminate knowledge to help an organization’s staff efficiently understand your technology operations and develop effective strategies for success before implementation gets underway.