We ensure business-as-usual in changing times.

Business continuity and mobility are more important than ever. Depending on an organization’s purpose, operating structure, and business needs, a robust level of communication, access, and security is critical to maintaining a steady state of operation.  As technology advances and more kinds of network-dependent devices reach consumers’ hands — mobile phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, and wearable tech — business continuity planning is a requirement.  

The complexities, challenges, and security risks each new device brings to the connected workplace means organizations must have a strategy that balances performance, security, and cost. Very few companies are comfortable with managing all the variables themselves.  

Versatile’s engineering teams have deep experience designing and implementing enterprise mobility management programs that are seamless, scalable, and secure. From first insights to implementation and through to post-implementation management, we work with you and define what your success looks like. We build and follow a clear roadmap that leads to higher efficiency of data collection and employee productivity and collaboration, faster access to information, reduced costs of operation, and improved data security.