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Facilis Technology Announces Big Changes in Version 8.1, and a New Product for Hybrid Remote Workflows

The Facilis Shared File System is the core of the HUB Shared Storage workflow environment, and version 8.1 adds features never seen before in similar systems.

Smart Access – Specific paths and locations can be assigned access rules based on user and group. Different than traditional access control lists, this new feature enables:

  • Access rules on specific file types to protect critical assets from modification
  • Write-only features that secure data after written to general ingest locations
  • No-delete options for files while still allowing saves and overwrites during production

Delete restore – When enabled on a volume, a restore location allows the administrator to replace files deleted from users back to their original location, or flush from the system.

Enhanced File System Audit – Enabling audit on a location will track user access down to the file level, for any action taken by a logged-in user.

Facilis S3 Private Cloud exposes internal facility storage to any remote user with a qualified S3 client application.

The S3 Private Cloud removes public cloud cost, upload time and synchronization. S3 Private Cloud offers a direct, secure path to an on-prem storage volume via S3. Individual folders and paths within the volume can be uniquely authenticated with secret keys and transaction data can be encrypted via SSL for security.

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