Wireless Issues are Predicted to get Worse Before They Get better

Jan 15, 2018 8:29:01 AM


Every Friday, one of our employees accompanies a family member to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. Every Friday, this employee brings his laptop to the hospital in hopes that he can connect to the the WiFi and work while he waits. Every Friday, he is disappointed.

What’s more disappointing is that he knows how easy and quick it could be to fix the hospital’s WiFi issues. You see, he’s one of our engineers, and part of his job is to architect, install, configure, diagnose, and fix wireless networks for our clients. Given the chance, he could fix this hospital’s WiFi problem for them in less than a day. He knows that the cost of the fix would be a fraction of the cost of giving up a customer, which is what he might ask his family member to consider (ie, going elsewhere).

But this hospital isn’t our client, and this engineer isn’t assigned to the fix. Instead, he sits in the waiting room, frustrated, as his WiFi connection slows down and frequently drops. Barely able to work, and unable to fix the problem, he mostly just waits.

WiFi Issues are Predicted to Get Worse Before They Gets Better

Over the past year, we’ve seen a big uptick in the number of requests from clients who need help solving their wireless network issues. It’s not that they can’t fix the problems themselves. They’re plenty smart enough, and given enough time and resources, they could diagnose and apply fixes all day long. But (as you know) today’s IT departments are constrained by time, money, and resources, so their bigger challenge is fitting the work into an already stretched workload. That’s why some of our clients choose to get relief for their WiFi issues by bringing us on board for quick problem-solving.

Looking ahead, the next 3-5 years are predicted to be even more challenging as more devices (particularly IoT devices) connect to WiFi, so we expect to see connectivity issues challenge internal IT teams more and more.

We Can Fix Wireless Problems Today

The engineer mentioned above recently recalled a couple of hospitals he’d done work for. “I’d set up a wireless network for one client, and it worked great for several months. Then they called me about a connectivity problem. I wasn’t able to diagnose the problem over the phone, but was able to collect information from a remote sensor. Based on the data it sent back, I could see that one of their channels was utilized over 80%, causing an aggregation to signal strength. Then I was able to tell the client how to fix the problem. The problem was fixed within 24 hours of the initial call.”

Another time, he created a 5GHz wireless plan for a hospital, which they implemented themselves. After a few months, they called him because one of their doctors was having a connectivity issue. “I could see that there was a lot of 2.4 GHz showing up on the network. They admitted they had come up with their own configurations during installation. So what was happening was that the doctor’s MAC address was going back and forth between the channels, causing his signal to drop in and out. I told them they could either get rid of the 2.4 GHz or turn on one of the setting on a controller to allow for better roaming.” They were thrilled with the response.

Are you having connectivity issues?

It doesn’t matter if your organization uses Aruba, Cisco, Mist, Ruckus, or a hybrid wireless solution, we can quickly troubleshoot and fix wireless problems like disconnects (roaming), channel overutilization (interference), and slow connections (low SNR). We can often troubleshoot application-related issues and provide in-depth analysis on other potential issues as well. Our team uses proactive, results-oriented methodologies based on deep, real-world experience, knowledge, and various levels of certifications.

Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • We can work with any WiFi platform
  • We offer pinpointed diagnostics
  • We provide fast resolution

Dependable WiFi is no longer optional; it’s business-critical. If you don’t have a solid remediation plan to address pending connectivity issues, you can expect poor user experience to make a major business impact on your bottom line.

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